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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

In July of 2017, at the age of 3 months, Rory was diagnosed with a very severe & rare seizure disorder called infantile spasms or also known as West Syndrome. This disorder causes high spikes in the brain waves followed by flat periods. This causes many spasm like seizures and makes it hard for a child to develop with all of the chaos going on in the brain. Infantile spasms can also be difficult to treat, which has been the case with Rory. He's has been on approximately 11 different types of medication as well as the keto diet and still hasn't found full relief.

Rory has been followed at JPCH in Saskatoon and also went for a second opinion to Calgary’s Children’s Hospital to see a neurologist who specialized in infantile spasms. He reassured us that what we were doing with our neurologist here was the right course of treatments. Rory has also been taking ABM lessons in Saskatoon at Body In Mind Therapies and we have noticed improvement in Rory's development. He also had the opportunity to go to Toronto to see Judith Dack, an ABM practioner and did very well with her.

Rory is also followed by genetics team in hopes to find the cause of Rory's condition. To date, there is no known cause f